Listen to her purr

November 6, 2016

The next steps after the exhaust were to get all the wiring connected (that I could at this stage) that was required to run the engine, namely the starter, distributor, alternator, ignition and all the ground points.  Also finally got the right sized serpentine belt, which looks good.20161027_195335

The wiring went fairly well, with just a bit of research being needed.  Having siblings and a father who are much more electrically inclined certainly helped in the process.  Spark plug wires have never looked so good.20161029_180107

Next step was the cooling system.  Unfortunately since I have ordered this in 2 stages, stage 2 contains the grill which is what supports the radiator.  Since I didn’t want to wait, I rigged up a solution that will do until I get the grill at the end of the year.

Still a bit of difficulty in routing the water pump bypass line and where I am going to tie into the manifold, but it will do for now.

Got the engine cranking, primed, and filled with oil and water.  We were about to try to start it up, but decided to get a oil pressure gauge to make sure we were still seeing enough oil pressure which delayed us by a week.  Once I had the pressure gauge rigged up dad came over and we gave it a shot.  First couple tries we were having issues with fuel not being pulled in since the lines were all empty.  Priming the lines sorted that problem but highlighted another… fuel leak!  After avoiding blowing ourselves up and fixing the leaking offender we had the beast up and running!  Ill see if I can upload a video on facebook or somewhere else, but she sounds good and runs pretty smooth.  I think I need to adjust the timing a bit, but everything seemed to be running well.






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