Strawberry Quilt

I love making quilts for little girls.  The patterns and colors are just more fun.  And this little girl has 4 big brothers so she needed something girly.

I took inspiration from Pinterest and designed a strawberry quilt in PowerPoint.  A poor choice for a design program but it does the job.


Amazingly, I calculated the sizes correctly..


All squares cut and ready to go

More half square triangles!  I took a lesson from the last quilt and made them large in order to cut them down to size for perfect points.


After the half square triangles are done, this quilt is very simple – aligning a lot of square corners.


All done!



One thought on “Strawberry Quilt

  1. I find publisher to be easier than PowerPoint because you can do it to scale, and then use excel to add in the seam allowances. One of these days I will have to get a picture of everyone with their quilts and send it over.


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