Almost Perfect Points

I have completed baby two quilt projects recently – but I had to wait to post until one could make it to a new mom in Abu Dabi.

The first one is for a space themed nursery of a future lady scientist (I’m sure).  Her nursery was based on a space alphabet print from Etsy that had a lot of indigo, teal, purple and gray.  I chose to recreate a shining star in the same colors.

I started this project in June and was into all things “baby” at the time.  I created most of the paper-pieced center until my baby spirit went away and I had to put the quilt away for a while.

After months of some other distracting projects, including upholstery for the hot rod, I picked it up again.  The star in the middle was done but I had to add the background, which included a circular border attached to a circular background.  I learned that piecing large circles is a gigantic, finicky pain.

But when you finally quilt the top and wash it, all the bumps and imperfections smooth out.



The second quit is for a light and airy nursery with bold colors inspired by a print from Minted.  Amazingly the large star quilt I made this year had the same exact colors so I was able to reuse my fabric.  I chose a bear paw block as the print included bears and mountains.

The quilt consisted of piles and piles of 1 1/2″ half square triangles.  I chose to make them large and cut them to size to make everything perfect and even.


In the end I’m happy with the results of the extra cutting work.  The little bear paws are really cute blocks and this quilt has the best piecing that I have ever done.  The points are all lined up – I was amazed!



I think that it still looks light and airy even with the bold colors.


With these two complete (on time-ish), only 6 more to complete before July…

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