Better Late Than Never…

I wrapped up the block of the month quilt in May and am finally blogging about it.  But at least I am better than Drew at posting sort-of timely 🙂

The first month was all about Brilliant Star blocks.  I actually learned some pointers about lining up corners and was impressed that every block came out perfect!  Usually I am off a little bit..  The directions were to cut many strips of 3 shades of blue, cut the 3-piece strip diagonally, and then sew back together at an offset to create the blocks.

All lined up they look pretty good!


A Brilliant Star Corner


I was excited to lay out all of the pieces and start sewing them together.  I have to say, that piecing a 5-piece corner and getting everything to line up was challenging.


All laid out and ready to be sewn together

After some seam ripping to get everything aligned to the point that I was happy with the finished product, with the 5-points (mostly) lined up.   I also sewed on the ribbon border that I made back in the first month. I think that it will fit in with our Texas house once I finally have it all finished!

My plan is to take long arm quilting lessons so that I can finish the quilt myself – the queen size is a bit too much to tackle on my sewing machine.  I have some family heirloom quilts that need finishing – so this will be my first trial.


The quilt top is complete! 



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