Wee Wanderer Quilt

A quick break from the large quilt and helping Drew to my first baby quilt of the year.  Our friends Erin & Ryan are quite the adventurers and when I found a Michael Miller fabric panel called “Wee Wanderer” with children climbing trees and catching fireflies, I knew it was perfect.  But I couldn’t cut it up, so I saved the panel for the back.


For the pattern, I created colorful trees with a simple paper pieced leaf block that I designed.  There are 24 leaf blocks.  My block is not quite symmetrical, so I made 12 like the design below, and then 12 mirror images.


For the tree trunk fabric, I gut lucky and found a scrap at the craft store with hedge hogs and mushroom print.


The trees are coming together!


The finished product is probably the most colorful quilt I have ever made.  I am very happy that I kept the entire panel on the back as a single piece.



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