Go Kart!

Its been a while, but I felt the need to share the glory of the first drive of Delores… or at least like 60% of her… maybe 50%… who cares, she drives!

Tested the clutch, transmission, and a little bit of brakes in the garage with it on the rack and then backed it out (I was a bit nervous I would somehow manage to plow through the front of the garage) without any issues although the harnesses certainly keep you in place.

It has a heck of a long nose in front of you and the driving position feels a bit far back, but the power steering and transmission worked great.

I was being very careful to not accelerate, but even with the tiny amount of throttle I gave it, it is amazing how light this thing is… go-kart is an appropriate description, if you had a go-kart with about 400hp.

Brakes were a little spongy, but I am going to bed them and see how much that helps since I really don’t want to have to bleed them again, but might have to.

And just to top it all off, it wouldn’t have been a true test of Gallagher building ability if I didn’t need to be pushed home!  The downside of not having a fuel gauge yet was that as I pulled up after about 5 laps around the block it died on me from lack of gas (important)

All in all a success, found a small fuel leak afterwards, but tightened that up and no problems!


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