Block of the Month Quilt – January & February

I saw an amazing block of the month quilt on Craftsy which seemed like a perfect Texas design for our some-day house.  Since I have never kept any of the quilts that I have made (except for a Christmas tree skirt), I am finally going to make a quilt for us.  The block of the month concept also seems feasible with doing a bit each month, and leaving time for the 2 baby quilts I have in queue for the first half of 2017.  Each month consists of a main block, plus additional quilt pieces that you complete, with the entire top complete this June.

The background fabric that came in the kit is darker that in the advertisement photos online (more of a taupe than an off-white), but I decided to make it work anyways.  Looking back at my pictures, the background fabric looks much lighter in my pictures than the actual fabric, so maybe its just the way it photos.

The kit arrives!

I started on the quilt during the last weekend in January (a bit behind), but the blocks start out with the easy ones first so I was able to catch up.   January consisted of 2 star blocks plus 4 ribbon borders that I finished in a day or so.

Stacks and Stacks of Triangles


January Blocks #1 Finished
January Ribbon Blocks Finished!


The February blocks ended up taking me more time.  The blocks themselves got a bit more complicated, but also involved templates

February Block #1 Finished!

The second set of templates were not measured correctly by the kit-maker in the original pattern – which I did not know when I first made all of my cuts.   I downloaded new templates, which still were not quite correct.  On my third attempt, I decided not to use templates and just to make the blocks myself and did a bit of trimming as I went to make the blocks the correct size in the end.


8 Diamond Point blocks finally finished!  4 with a seam all the way through the diagonal for aligning with the quilt’s horizontal seams


Two months done, and time to take a quick break for a baby quilt!


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