The deadening of sound

So one of the downsides of a fiberglass body is noise and vibrations due to the panels being extremely light and them being… well… fiberglass.  My solution to this issue is to cover as much surface area in sound deadening and heat insulation material and seal absolutely all seams and gaps that I can.  The pictures below are of the start of it. The system is a 2 part system with the first layer being a heavy butyl rubber and heat barrier and the second being a dense foam for more deadening and insulation.

Kristy has decided that she will take over the interior upholstery and sound deadening and is so far doing a hell of a job.  Although I am not sure she is using the lift properly.


She has also declared the black on black carpet/vinyl not up to her specs, so stay tuned for some potentially custom amateur upholstery work.



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