Baby Quilts of 2016

It seems like I didn’t sew so many baby quilts this year – only 4!  But time was limited amongst my other projects and other hobbies I picked up this year: branching out into flower arranging, starting a gigantic cross-stitch that I won’t finish until I’m 65,  and traditional archery (I know, that one came out of left field – but we spend a lot of time hanging out on ranches after working all day so it is something fun to do to relax).

In addition to the flying geese paper-pieced quilt that I was oh-so-proud of, I made some themed quilts (more for their mamas than the babies really).

First was a blue nautical themed quilt for a baby boy.  His sister got a pink nautical themed quilt in 2013.   I used a free pattern on Craftsy for a full sized quilt, but I revised the dimensions so that it would fit a crib size.



Second was one of my own designs for a couple who thinks a lot about Colorado and misses it while in Houston.   It is all squares and triangles, but makes a picture, like the Pirate Ship quilt I made a few years ago.  This quilt has mountains, sky, and a sun.  As it was for a little girl, I especially liked the coral bias tape and the pink backing.


Lastly was one that was special to me.  My grandmother is a great sewer, although she never quilted, she makes clothes and many other things for her children and for us when we were little.  She even taught me how to cross stitch when I was little since we are both lefties.  Earlier this year my Aunt and Uncle helped her clean out all of the fabric in her basement in Indiana and all of the cotton was put in two overflowing boxes and dropped off in Texas.

When my mom and grandmother visited in April, we sorted all of the cotton by color, threw away a bunch that wasn’t very good anymore, and heard stories of my mom and grandmother say what the fabric was from – jumpers for toddlers in the 60’s, grandpa’s pajamas, dresses.  That was the neat part.

Well I took the sorted fabric, which has all kinds of fashion statements from the last 7 decades, and cut enough squares to give one quilt to each cousin when they have a baby – so be ready!  (Luckily I have a relatively small family).  First is for Audie & Josh’s baby Luke.  He is almost one so I am a bit behind.

This quilt is simple squares sewn into cross shapes, but I think that the memories of all of us jumping around the sewing room watching my grandfather’s trains make a loop around the washing machine and the clothes she made our Cabbage Patch dolls will be better than a fancy quilt 🙂




6 thoughts on “Baby Quilts of 2016

  1. Lovely quilt! Do you have a pattern for it? My daughter is expecting and would like for me to make it for my new grandson.
    Thank you!


  2. I NEVER post on these sites… but I would love a bit more detail about how you made the mountains quilt. I have a friend who works with street people in Baguio (the Philippines) and I’m wanting to make her a mountain quilt as she loves the hilly areas where she lives. But many online are very, very complex. This one seems a little more doable! Thank you! – Abby (from NZ).


  3. Do you have a pattern for the Mountain quilt?? Or any dimensions for your squares and triangles??
    I am attempting a mountain quilt for a new grandson arriving in May.


    1. The overall quilt is 36” x 42”. The main blocks are 6” x 6” on point, but some of the main blocks weee made of 4 smaller (for example, the peaks with snow). I have a very unsophisticated pattern I made in PowerPoint for the quilt.


  4. My daughter is expecting her first child and when asked what kind of quilt she wanted, she replied, “Mountain”.

    Is there any way you could share your Power Point? I would be so grateful!

    Love all your quilts!


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