Special Delivery

November 2016

Its been a while since I posted, the holidays got in the way of me making progress on the build.  Something about family and friends wanting to actually see me, foolish stuff like that.  I decided that my garage was getting a bit too clean and empty around September, so I put in the order for my second stage kit.  November brought the arrival of a special delivery in a pretty sweet truck.20161218_090237

Unloading was easy with the help of Kristy and the truck driver, especially since the fiberglass body only weighs about 60-70lbs.  This thing is going to be light and fast!


Factory five was nice enough to send me the 3rd set of exhaust pipes and mufflers for some reason, luckily they wanted them back so I got rid of one box pretty quickly.  When I had my dad and brother around, we fitted the body on to see how it looked, and I can say that I am pretty excited.


It looks pretty mean in person, and extremely low to the ground.  Unfortunately since I didn’t have the body and hood to fit up, I had mounted the brake reservoirs in a spot that the hood latch would clash with, so they had to be relocated.  It doesn’t look as clean now, but still looks ok.  I was limited in where I could penetrate the firewall due to the frame behind it.


That’s Kristy in the picture working on the interior which she has decided to take an interest/big part in which will be the subject of future posts.


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