Shiny parts make more power

October 8-9, 2016

This weekend was an accessory weekend.  Got the pulley system installed and the alternator and A/C compressor in… it all amounts to a lot of shiny polished aluminum and chrome!

I needed to measure out a serpentine belt, so I rigged one up with an old ratchet strap and will use it to find me the right size.



Also got some more of the wiring connections in and tried to finalize the fuel system.  I learned how to make up braided stainless hose connections without any of the special tools required, just need to figure out how to fit in the fuel lines with radiator hoses and bypass lines.  You can see one of the flexible lines that I made up and ran attaching to the fuel pump in the picture below (I also installed one of the headers to start fitting up the exhaust but didn’t make much project because the brother and friend decided to interrupt with beer… jerks…


On Sunday I got the fuel tank and aluminum shelf underneath it installed, a bit of fitment issues, but I think it will be ok… its only full of flammable liquid.


I think I am about ready to order phase 2 of the kit so I can get some seats and a steering wheel, but first… get this thing running!

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