Engine Install!

October 1, 2016

So a pretty big milestone for Delores occurred, engine install time!

Last minute (one week) before installing the transmission, I decided to change from a mechanical clutch to a hydraulic clutch to avoid the issue with trying to push a clutch fork with a cable.  Something about physics and only being able to put tension on a cable.  Went with a McLeod hydraulic throwout bearing, some people reported leaks, but it was on a different model and from several years ago.  The unit appears to be well build out of billet aluminum, so after some trial, errors, measurement checks, and spacer removals, Dad and I got the TOB installed on Friday.


Saturday morning started early and Dad was nice enough to stop by to help out.  The install went surprisingly quickly and easily.  I guess it helps that there is nothing else installed and that there are no body panels to get in the way.

Final step was to have someone pick up the transmission and lift it into place since our lift is a bit short on reach (see dad in the final pic).  We got it all mounted up except that the transmission was about an inch and a half too low.  Thinking at first that FFR had messed up the frame, we were pretty bummed, however I remembered 2 random spacers that I didn’t know what they were for.  Turns out they were a perfect fit!   So FFR had it all perfect, we just shouldn’t have doubted (however the instructions were a bit vague).  Final pic is it looking pretty good, my power steering needed to be rotated down a bit and the mounts needed a bit of widening, but other than that it was smooth as it could be.


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