The fun bits

Bought the engine, transmission and associated bits off of  They have extremely helpful technical support, fast shipping, and great prices.  I am not getting any kickbacks from them, but if I can call up their tech support and the first guy I speak to can tell me what clutch he is running in his Nova and his experience with the different options that are out there, and then help me sort through the 17 different items to make sure they will all work together, that is impressive and helpful to me.

It took many iterations matching up all the input and output shaft diameters, tooth counts, clutch diameters, mounting arrangements, and hp/torque capabilities before I was ready to pull the trigger.  Impressively enough, everything was arriving at the house in a week.

wp_20160907_18_29_24_pro-1The first delivery was mainly boxes, which Kristy managed to haul in (lifting a 70lb transmission!).  The picture to the left is about half of the deliveries (cat for scale).






The next big delivery was the crate engine which came by UPS freight.  The delivery guy didn’t want to try and squeeze his delivery truck down my driveway (weaksauce) so we used his liftgate and pallet jack to unload it into my truck and then I backed it down the driveway without many ideas of how to get it out of the back of my truck.  That evening, Dad was nice enough to come assist in the offload and using the engine crane that he and I bought a while back (I still owe him my half, don’t remind him) we managed pretty well, although there were moments of doubt.


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