Not a Structural Engineer’s Strong Suit

Early September:

I haven’t posted in a while, so this and the next few are a bit of catchup posts to get us current to where I am at with the car, apologies for my delinquency to all my adoring fans.

At this point I had ordered the engine, transmission and all the bits associated in addition to the wheels and tires, but had none of it to work on, in addition to that the back brake kits were still MIA (more on that later) so I started laying out the wiring harness and tried to figure out what all these so called “wires” are and where they needed to go.


The ron frances harness comes in a large box which appears daunting at first, but with each area bundled by groups and labelled (front harness, rear harness, dash harness, etc.) and each individual wire labelled with its purpose (horn ground, ignition, etc.) its possible for even my electrically challenged self to understand.  I started laying out the harness and zip tying to the dash, connecting the front and rear harnesses and routing them on the frame, and then I installed the fuse panel (after changing out the flasher solenoids since this hot rod has LED tail lights, fancy!).wp_20160905_19_45_48_pro


Everything went pretty well, but I haven’t started connecting wires yet, so I am sure there is still a lot of room for me to screw things up.  In the meantime I also installed the horns so they wouldn’t be visible once the grill is mounted.


Next post are the shiny things!

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