Front Brakes and Brake Lines

August 17-18, 2016

The build of the brakes started at the end of the suspension build up, with the exception of the rear brakes (still missing mounting brackets since they are on back order).  Assembly of the front brakes went smoothly with all parts coming together quickly and correctly.

Enlisted the help of the brothers for running the brake lines, Jordan helped out with the front lines and Collin with the rear lines and certainly wouldn’t have gotten the routed without their creative solutions.  After a decent amount of bending and a bit of unbending, I finished up the connection points to the flexible lines and mounted the brackets.

The end result was pretty clean, we did a nice job on keeping the bends in line with the frame and they look good.  I did learn my lesson after a couple mishaps to tape the fittings to the end  so that they don’t slide to the wrong end and you end up bending an entire run and realize that you have to very carefully unbend everything to slide it back to the other endWP_20160827_10_27_38_Pro

Kristy got tired of me being out in the garage, so she stopped by to see what was going on, but the rules of the garage are that if you are hanging around you are put to work!


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